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9 Unconventional Ways to Add Calligraphy to Your Event

The options are endless when it comes to adding a handwritten touch to your event. Not only can you choose ink colors, and writing styles, but the sub-straight as well! With a little creativity between you, your event planner and calligrapher, you can bring excitement your event.

1. Leaf Escort Cards

These leaves bring a wonderfully specific look to your event, especially with the wood backdrop. You could choose from a variety of leaves, or even pair it up with tea bags like in this photo.

2. Tile Place Cards

You may have seen tiles like this or agate slices being written on lately, as they are a popular item at the moment. They can bring a natural element to your event.

3. Animal Place Cards

This one is extra fun because you get to match up your guests with an animal they relate to. What a great way to get the conversation going right as they walk through the door!

4. Mirror Seating Chart

First impressions are important! In place of escort cards, try a large mirror. If your reception takes place somewhere picturesque, like this woodland scene, all the better!

5. Chalkboard Menu Sign

This works on chalkboards or even wood boards depending on the style of your event.

6. Wine Bottles

Have you considered sending a little package to you bridesmaids with a customized bottle of bubbly? Or how about your special someone? You could use mini bottles as party favors/ place settings too.

7. Chairs

Are you renting chairs for your event? Think about acrylic chairs, especially if it is an outdoor event like this one. And you won't have to worry about place cards flying in the wind. Nice and simple.

8. Quote Tapestry

If you have a quote or proverb that really runs deep, put it out there and adorn it with greenery!

9. Food Items

So adorable! Definitely for the one who wants to go all out.

I hope I sparked some ideas whether you are thinking of a baby shower, sweet sixteen, engagement party, or wedding! And I would love to help you make them come to life!


*Sources of images are linked to their photos.


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Paige is so pleased to be a full time calligrapher, working in her NY studio with her beagle keeping her toes warm. When she's not writing, she's making surface pattern designs and reading.

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