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Get Inspired: How to Create Your Own Wedding Welcome & Bridal Party Basket

Create Your Own Bridal Party Welcome Basket

One way to take your event to the next level is with a special gift for your guests. Wedding welcome baskets are especially nice for destination weddings. It gives your guests a warm welcome when they check into their accommodations and can provide some essentials that they may have forgotten. If you plan on mailing items for a destination wedding, keep an eye on the weight of your items, or use a service to package the items together for you.

Here are the 8 essentials needed to make your own:

Create Your Own Wedding Welcome Basket

Get the right kind of basket

Keep your theme in mind when choosing one. It could be a picnic basket for the warmer months, a personalized tote, a netted bag for a tropical location, or a box tied with a bow. It's always nice to use something your guests can use again.

Make Your Own Wedding Welcome Baskets

Say Hello

A handwritten note or gift tag adds a beautiful detail. You can even make custom labels for each item in your box. P.S. We can help you with that!

The Welcome Box

Quench their thirst

1-2 mini bottles of a drink of your choice. This could be water, juice, sparkling water, a mini cocktail kit, or a bottle of wine. Don't forget a bottle opener if you need it!

A snack

Fruit, a mini box of chocolates..anything goes! Local items are perfect!

Make Your Own Wedding Welcome Baskets


A map or itinerary gives everyone a clear guide to the event, and a mini booklet/ pamplet of sights suggests places they should check out on their trip.

Make Your Own Wedding Welcome Baskets

Treat them Right

Post- weekend recovery kit or self care items including advil, rose water, chapstick, eyedrops, and hand cream. If you're making baskets specifically for your bridal party, you can focus in on this category with beauty products and pampering.

Make Your Own Wedding Welcome Baskets

A takeaway gift

This is something that will make your guests remember the unforgettable event. It could be a mug, baseball cap, a custom deck of cards, cookbook, or even a tiny cactus. If your guests are traveling a distance, make sure it will be easy enough from them to bring it home with them!

Make Your Own Wedding Welcome Baskets

Weekend essentials

Your guests will love you if you add in some essentials they may have forgotten like bug repellent, sunscreen, mini soaps, and maybe a mini candle with matches for post travel relaxation.


Go the extra mile: Label each item with personalized labels, and use items local to your destination. Sticking with a strong theme really seals the deal.

Tip: It doesn't have to break the bank. Lower costs by using a paper tote, and items found at your local food store. It still does the trick.

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