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Spring Tea Time

P.S. Calligraphy | Mother's Day Calligraphy Table Setting

Spring is in the air and Mother's Day is near! It's the perfect time to prep a tea time adorned with a sweet treats and calligraphy details.

P.S. Calligraphy | Calligraphy Terracotta Placecard

This mini terracotta pot is the perfect item to personalize and show your guests to their seats. They can even take it home with them with a plant or flower inside.

P.S. Calligraphy | Mother's Day Brunch Table Setting
P.S. Calligraphy | Mother's Day Tea Time

You can't forget the tea sandwiches and arrangement of pastries! You can really have a lot of fun arranging items too.

P.S. Calligraphy | Mother's Day Calligraphy Menu

This is such a fun and easy way to thank your mom this year, or just have an unexpected get together with your girls.

P.S. Calligraphy | Tea Time Sign

P.S. Calligraphy | Mother's Day Calligraphy Menu

Looks like someone made it onto my plate! I love getting to write calligraphy in inks like this pink one because they aren't used often by customers.

P.S. Calligraphy | Mother's Day Terracotta Pot Placecard

P.S. Calligraphy | Mother's Day Calligraphy Table

P.S. Calligraphy | Brunch Menu Mother's Day

I had a great time making this come together, and hope to get some fun orders for little pots! They are the perfect addition to any spring or summer party.


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Paige is so pleased to be a full time calligrapher, working in her NY studio with her beagle keeping her toes warm. When she's not writing, she's making surface pattern designs and reading.

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