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How to Upgrade your Invites with Vintage Stamps (and where to find them)

Add an instant upgrade to your invitations whether it is a wedding, birthday celebration, or holiday get-together. Even if you're just sending a few envelopes in the mail, vintage stamps will make a huge impact.

Where can I find vintage stamps?

It is surprisingly easy with the internet! Many sellers offer curated sets of stamps, but you can also shop individually and create your own. Stamps come in such specific design that you can pretty much tell a mini story about what your guests can expect at your event.

Offers curated stamp sets, or shop by color.

Offers beautifully curated stamp sets.

Offers individual stamps sorted by categories.

Offers individual stamps sorted by time period.

Here you can find a larger selection of stamps that aren't available at your local post office.

You can also do a local google search for brick- and- mortar locations that have vintage stamps.

Many sellers will even custom curate a collection for your invites for you!

Tips for using vintage stamps:

Vintage stamps will take up more real estate of your envelopes since they come in a selection of lower denominations. You will need a few to add up to the current postal rate, especially if you are sending a heavier envelope like a wedding invite.

Make sure to opt for unused stamps so you can more easily apply them to your envelopes and so they will look presentable when they get to your guests' mailboxes. If you happen to find used stamps in great condition, you'll have to use some glue to apply.

Vintage stamps reinforce the color scheme and mood of the occasion, and look fantastic with calligraphy to match. It will definitely make a memorable and beautiful statement!


P.S. Vintage stamps are not "peel and stick"! Not interested in licking five hundred stamps for your envelopes? We can handle that for you too along with some handwritten calligraphy!


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