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Wedding Envelope Addressing Etiquette and FAQ

Do I really need to provide my calligrapher with 15-20% extra envelopes?

Yes! This is necessary to account for any typos and more importantly ink spills. Dip pens use fluid inks that can occasionally leave pools of ink. Plus, you may have extra guests that you need to add on, and it's easier to order a few more envelopes the first time around!

How should I provide my guest list to my calligrapher?

A hard copy of your list is probably the best way to go if you are dropping off your materials in person. If not, a word or excel document works just fine as well. If you are getting your addresses centered, provide the guest addresses in a centered format.

Should states be abbreviated or spelled out?

It looks more formal to have state names spelled out, plus more letters to be written in beautiful type! For return addresses, if you are tight on space you may opt for abbreviating.

Do I need to hand-cancel my wedding invitations?

The mail machines in post offices can add some wear to your envelopes. Since you've invested in your invitations, calligraphy, and stamps you'll want to consider asking your post office to hand-cancel your envelopes. If you have a unique shaped envelope or are using wax seals, you'll be required to do this anyway. Some post offices will provide you with their stamp to do it yourself.

How much postage do I need for my wedding invitations?

If your invites are oversized (bigger than 6.125 by 11.5 inches) or heavier than 3.5 ounces you'll need more than the standard $0.50 postage.

What do I need to know for my RSVP's?

Your RSVP envelopes should include appropriate postage— save your guests the hassle of looking for a spare stamp to get their envelope in the mail. This will encourage them getting back to you in a timely manner, making your planning a little easier.

Another tip is to assign a number to each RSVP card and guest/couple. Write this number in pencil on the back of the card. That way when they make their way back to you, you'll know who said yes or no. Think of the mess on your hands if you skip this step!


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Paige is so pleased to be a full time calligrapher, working in her NY studio with her beagle keeping her toes warm. When she's not writing, she's making surface pattern designs and reading.

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