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Incorporating Agate Slices into a Coastal Long Island Wedding

Long Island | Peconic Bay Yacht Club Wedding
Long Island Calligrapher | Agate Slices

Today I wanted to share a beautiful example of using agate slices as place settings. They fit so well into the atmosphere of the Peconic Bay Yacht Club on Long Island. Since it is a natural element, it matches up well to the nearly outdoor feel of this venue. This event was put together by Eventful Days and was featured this week on Carats & Cake!

Agate Slice Calligraphy | Wedding Ring Flat Lay

Long Island | Peconic Bay Yacht Club Wedding

If you're hiring a photographer for your event, make sure to keep an extra invitation on hand for them to photograph. Have your calligrapher address a "dummy" envelope too! You can also set aside a few other details like these bride and groom agate slices. Detailed photographs like this will help to round out your photo album and take full advantage of the effort you put into designing the invites!

Long Island | Peconic Bay Yacht Club Wedding


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